A caf owner has returned to his day job after filming with Elijah Wood in new Brit flick The Yank.

The Hollywood star, who played Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, even came to Paul Row's wedding after the pair made friends on set.

Paul, who owns Caf in the Park in Coulsdon Memorial Park, was surprised when his friend telephoned him and asked him if he fancied taking part in a film about his beloved West Ham.

Paul's friend was working as a security guard on the set of the football flick last year when he was approached by renowned director Lexi Alexander.

Despite the film's £6.5m budget, Paul said that Elijah was very down to earth and had no airs and graces about him.

Paul of Marlpit Lane said: "Elijah's door was open all the time, even if he was filming we would go into his caravan.

The 38-year-old added: "He even came to my wedding reception. I invited him along and he spoke to loads of my mates. He got on great with everyone and was always up for a laugh."