The man accused of murdering an expectant father “roared like the Incredible Hulk” after he shot him in the chest, a court heard on Tuesday.

Wesley Blake, 27, was shot in the chest as he sat in a car in St Saviours Road Croydon in May 2009.

The Old Bailey heard the alleged gunman, Henry Buahin, known as Menza, roared and flexed his muscles after shooting Mr Blake before running off.

The prosecution said friend Ahmed Jessey – known as Hitman – passed the weapon to Mr Buahin ahead of the murder.

The jury was told Mr Blake left a trail of blood in the street as he crawled to a nearby house for help, but was pronounced dead 45 minutes later after being taken to nearby Mayday Hospital.

Unemployed Mr Blake, already a father to one son, was expecting his second child with partner of six years Aisha Mitchell before his killing.

The court heard from Furqan Hussein, who said he tried to stop Henry Buahin from shooting Mr Blake when he saw him draw a gun.

According to Mr Hussein, Mr Buahin, aka Menza, was passed a gun by his co-defendent, Jessey Ahmed, aka Hitman.

He said: “That’s when I realised what was actually happening.

“I was telling him you can’t shoot him [Blake], he is a Muslim brother, we’re all Muslim and this ain’t happening.”

Mr Hussein broke down in tears and stared at the defendants as he told the court Mr Buahin barged past him and another man, walk up to the driver’s side window, load the gun and shoot Mr Blake.

The jury heard another man, known only as J1, tried to stop the murder.

Mr Hussein said J1 shouted “No, no, no,” and placed himself between the gunman and the car, but Mr Buahin pushed him aside and shot Mr Blake in the chest from point-blank range.

Mr Hussein said: “He cocked the gun back and shot him.

“The best way I can describe it is he was like the Incredible Hulk. It was like an adrenalin rush, he just roared.

“It just went silent because there was a loud bang. Everyone was frozen.”

Mr Hussein said he saw Mr Blake flee after escaping from the passenger side of the car.

Mr Buahin and Mr Jessey both deny murdering Wesley Blake.

The trial continues.