Hopes the House of Lords will block parking charges in Richmond Park next week are fading, after Conservative peers confirmed they would not back a Liberal Democrat motion to kill the Government's proposals.

Former Richmond Park MP Baroness Tonge proposed a fatal amendment to the new regulations, which would introduce parking charges of up to £3, and peers will vote on the issue on Wednesday evening.

Conservative peers have instead tabled their own motion this afternoon, which would express unhappiness with parking charges but support other unrelated measures regarding speed limits, the use of model boats and horse manure in Royal parks.

The House of Lords information office said the Lib Dem proposals would be “completely fatal” to the regulations and prevent the Government bringing them back, while the Tory motion would register regret but not stop the plans.

The Labour government does not have a majority in the Lords, and could be outvoted by a combination of Lib Dem and Conservative peers.

Richmond Park MP Susan Kramer said: “I am utterly shocked. This motion would defeat the parking charge plan once and for all. All we need is for the Conservatives to vote with the Lib Dems to defeat the Government.

“I am so disappointed the Conservatives seem to want to deny local people the chance to see these plans stopped as soon as possible.

“I hope they can be persuaded to change their minds before the vote next week.”

Conservative Richmond Park candidate Zac Goldsmith said the Conservative motion would have the same outcome as the Lib Dem amendment.

He said: “The Lib Dem amendment is clumsy and flawed. Our alternative will deliver the same result, but without causing mayhem. If Kramer sticks to a proposal she knows we cannot sign, she will have allowed these charges in.

“Alternatively, she can back us up and kill off the charges. The ball is in her court. It's a choice between petty politics, or the interests of the community.”