Britain’s largest supermarket chain drew the wrath of Streatham residents on Saturday during a protest against the stalled Hub development.

Residents want Tesco to safeguard the future of the ice rink it currently owns, as it seeks to build a new store as part of a major regeneration project for the area.

There are now fears the rink will shut after the supermarket giant spurned a deadline set by Lambeth Council to pledge to keep the facility open.

Council officials also wanted Tesco to make a financial commitment towards building a new leisure centre. The current facility on the Hub site remains closed indefinitely, facing a £3m repair bill.

Lambeth Council and Tesco are expected to thrash out a deal this month, with both sides claiming negotiations were showing positive progress.

But Streatham’s Labour parliamentary candidate, Chuka Umunna, said: "The numbers present at the protest and its positive reception demonstrate the depth of feeling of local people on this issue.

"We got the message across on Tesco's doorstep that the supermarket cannot take the local community and its customers for granted.

"It is crucial there is a viable Plan B in place which must be implemented if Tesco come back with unacceptable proposals later this month. Equally, if Tesco do come forward with plans allowing for the continuity of ice provision, the council must ensure they are legally bound into these commitments."

More than 200 people attended a public meeting earlier this month voicing their frustration over the failure of both sides to reach an agreement and the prospect of the Streatham ice rink closing.