A murder trial heard how a homeowner killed one man and injured another after they broke into his house armed with a pistol.

Samuel Quamina, 49, is charged with the murder of 24-year-old Norbury man Perry Nelson Jr after what the defence called a botched robbery at his Peckham home.

According to Mr Quamina's police statement, on September 10 last year at about 8pm, three men entered his house, armed with a hand gun and a steering lock.

The court heard that Mr Quamina, terrified for his life, pulled some speaker boxes off the the wall next to the door which smashed down on his attackers, disarming them.

He then walked into the kitchen, selected two of the most fearsome knives he could find and went back into the hallway.

Mr Quamina then claims the men lunged at him, trying to steal the gold chains and rings he was wearing.

He told police he slashed and stabbed at the men, fatally injuring Mr Nelson and injuring another man in the back.

The fight, which lasted no more than 30 seconds, claimed the life of Mr Nelson, who fled the house and was taken to King’s College Hospital, Croydon Crown Court heard.

Prosecution barrister, Mr Temple QC, said: “The crown say this is a cold blooded attack on persons unarmed” in a “fast-episode fraught with initial violence.

“This wasn’t defence but borne of a desire to exact revenge, revenge for people intruding in his home.

“Is it reasonable to attack an unarmed person, lashing out, stabbing downwards?”

Mr Temple then urged the jury to use their “common sense and knowledge of life” to decide whether Mr Quamina had been acting lawfully while defending his home.

Mr Quamina denies murder.

The trial continues.