Lefi Ganderson the legendary goat-boy of Seething Wells was spotted yesterday as Surbiton people celebrated the made-up myth with dance, drama and song.

Costumed goat-boy followers, a mechanical fish, an eight-foot high stilt walking bride and the giant Thamas Deeton - which, according to the legend, was vanquished by Lefi - were all lovingly created by participants in the festival on Saturday.

A puppet of Lefi Ganderson was paraded through the streets ahead of the crowds which included Kingston and Surbiton MP Edward Davey.

Yesterday's march ended up in the garden of the Lamb pub with a community play involving Maurice dancing - named after the supposed founder of the dance - along with songs and drama.

Children, their parents and pub-goers joined in a rousing chorus of Lefi G - to the tune of the Beatles' Let It Be.

The head of the evil giant was finally burnt on a bonfire before fireworks were set off.

Clarissa Wilks, a university worker who lives in Surbiton, said: "It's fantastic. This is the secret hippy life of Surbiton that we have been so longing to emerge."

So far, a giant game of mousetrap, Suburban Skiing with giant ice-cubes strapped to the feet of skiers and an escalator choral society have entertained the people of Surbiton.

Organiser Robin Hutchinson, of the Homage de Fromage club, said he had more ideas up his sleeve.