By community correspondent Samuel Hopcroft

A level choices. Back in year seven I had such a clear idea of what I wanted to do. I was going to do DT because it was really, really fun and I would have done Maths because I thought I was really good at it and I would have done Geography because the teacher was really funny and he told the best jokes. But now, as reality strikes I realise that this decision will stick with me for the rest of my career, it will change my life considerably and guess what... decision time is right around the corner.

Yes, we are approaching a deadline quickly and most year eleven boys and girls around the country have already determined what they will be doing. Whether they're going into medicine, engineering or law, they all have their perfect set of A levels; be it three Sciences and Maths, or Graphics, Film Studies, Music and Sociology. Not me though, and my skills in the art of procrastination won’t help me now, I’m coming to the point where this imperative choice is going to be an instantaneous decision.

This decision could have been straightforward, but the power of persuasion and expostulation has created so many more A levels to choose from. Yes, teachers, parents and peers are all desperately trying to persuade me to make different choices. I am now even considering the subjects that I was never planning on doing. For example, I had decided not do to Maths except now I have teachers’ and peers’ voices seemingly echoing in my head from the amount of times they tell me, “you’ll never get into a good university without maths,” and then my Biology teacher (I was never planning on doing Biology either), tells me “I am not trying to persuade you, but Biology is the best science at A level.” Then, when I really enjoy a subject, and I think that I am strong in it, for example English, nobody says I’ll be strong in it, in fact quite the contrary with everyone telling, “English is the hardest of all A levels.”

I think that I might just have to do DT, Geography and Maths and follow my outdated dreams. I would just like to say to everyone else procrastinating that you are not alone, and for the rest of the population, please let us make our own choices, or else we will most probably make yours.