A straw building with three little pigs sounds like something from a children’s story.

However, a cafe made from straw and three pigs at the opening event is what is being planned for Sutton’s Manor Park.

It will be London’s first energy-efficient building that uses a straw bale construction technique and is estimated to cost £120,000.

And keeping with the fable theme, Sutton local committee chairman Councillor Janet Lowne is hoping to get permission for three little pigs to visit the cafe, due to open this summer.

She said: “I really do hope we can get three little pigs for the cafe – it would be great.”

The cafe, commissioned and funded by the local committee, will be half the cost of a conventional building and will be completed in a fraction of the time.

The walls will be made with straw bales, sourced from farms, holding up a grass roof. An external lime render will seal the walls, making them waterproof while also letting them breathe. The work will be carried out by straw bale construction company Amazonails.

Manor Park’s previous cafe was demolished two years ago after being condemned with dry rot.

If planning permission is granted the cafe will have a new public toilet, leased by a private operator who will maintain it without cost to the taxpayer.

An additional £25,000 grant will help the building become completely energy sustainable in terms of heating and hot water.

Coun Lowne said: “Straw construction has come on a long way since the three little pigs and is now a seriously cost effective way to build.

“Not only will it be cheap, but it will also be energy efficient with the straw acting as a natural insulation.

“Residents came to the local committee looking for a new cafe and public toilet and these plans promise to provide that and more. This will be an iconic addition to Sutton town centre with a bargain price tag.”

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