The girlfriend of car crash victim Steven Moore wept bitterly at his funeral as she recalled how he told her he loved her just minutes before he died.

Steven Moore, 25, a former buyer for British Petroleum, was killed when a car being chased by a police van smashed into his vehicle on Sunday, January 17.

At All Saint’s Church of England in Carshalton on Friday, Mr Moore’s girlfriend Carly Lewin was comforted by Reverend John Thewlis as she told how her last conversation wtih with Mr Moore had left her “feeling so happy”.

She said: “We were made for each other. You said to me the week before that you couldn’t wait to live with me and that marraige was on the cards for us.

“We even spoke about having children. I couldn’t wait to see them, you would make such a great dad.

“My favourite place in the world was in your arms. You made me smile so much, winding me up all the time and just being you.

“You called me 15 minutes before [the crash] to tell me you missed me and how you couldn’t wait to see me the next morning.

“Neither of us had any idea that we would be split up that night through no fault of our own.

“The last thing you said was ‘Do you love me a little’, I said ‘No, I love you a lot’.

“[In hospital] I tried to comfort you to the end. I’m struggling to understand how life can be so cruel by taking away from us such a loyal, loving, person.

“Steven, please don’t be scared and know that we are all there with you for the rest of your journey, I will never forget you.”

More than 500 mourners packed into Mr Moore’s funeral, with many standing at the back of the church and along the walls to make room.

Father Gary Moore, 51, a haulage contractor, mother Jackie and their other son Daniel, 19, a university student, were comforted by friends as they sat in front of his coffin, surrounded by white floral tributes spelling ‘son, brother’ and ‘cuz’.

Two photos of Mr Moore as a child and as an adult stood at the alter, Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp also sent flowers on behalf of the club.

Before the service began Mr Purvey, 24, gripped the coffin, overcome with grief.

You to Me Are Everything by by The Real Thing was later played and following more hymns and prayers a friend of Mr Moore’s sang You Can Reach Me by Anita Baker and You Raise Me Up, originally written by Rolf Løvland, was also played.

At the end of the service mourners touched the coffin for one last time as friends of Mr Moore helped his father shoulder it down the aisle to the waiting hearse outside.

Officers from Hampton Traffic Garage are still investigating the circumstances of the crash which caused Mr Moore’s death.

The avid Tottenham Hotspur fan was returning home from watching his team play with best friend Glenn Purvey in girlfriend Rhia Vassallo’s car when the crash happened.

The former Greenshaw High School student was sitting in the back seat of a Renault Clio on Wrythe Lane near the junction with Wrythe Green Lane, Carshalton, when a black Vauxhall Vectra being pursued by a marked police van smashed into it.

The driver of the Vectra, a 29-year-old man was arrested nearby has now been bailed till a date in May.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service and Directorate of Professional Standard are investigating the circumstances of any police involvement regarding the collision.

Tributes: Friends of Mr Moore bore white Tottenham Hotspur badges to the funeral in tribute to their friend at his funeral last Friday.

Four then bravely took to the stand to deliver glowing dedications.

His friend Steven Nash said: “In 1942 a famous boxer called Muhammad Ali was born.

“He called himself the greatest, but he was wrong, because in 1984 my best mate was born and he was the greatest: his name was Steven Moore.

“He was the greatest, because he made time for everyone.

“He was the greatest, because he was as brave as a lion.

“He loved his mum, dad and Dan with all his heart. My heart is broken and your going will leave a gaping hole.

“In my eyes you are irreplaceable and will always be the greatest friend I have ever had.”

Another XXXXXX said: “I always remember him with a cheeky grin. Steven was something special. Two weeks ago we lost a friend, a gentleman and a brother. We love you mate.”

One friend said: “I first met Steven at a party when he was 15 and I was 16...he seemed much older than his years.

“Even at such a young age he was already a true gentleman, I always looked up to him.

“Steven was the bravest, more loyal and charismatic person I have ever met.”

One friend said: “I looked up to Steve, on reflection I suppose, I was in awe of him. The day Steven left us a part of us went with him.

“[But] his true spirit remains. He lives on with every memory inside my head.”

Speaking at the funeral, his brother Daniel then spoke of how much he loved his brother despite the “petty arguments” over the years.

He said: “You won’t have to worry about protecting me anymore.

“I loved you so much. It feels like a nightmare I’m still trying to wake up from.”

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