A team of ghost hunters experienced some spooky activity when they visited a pub in Thornton Heath.

Jack Bryer and the rest of UK Paranormal Investigations spent a night at the Wheatsheaf Inn on Saturday after landlady Maria Seal told them the pub had been the site of some unexplained occurrences, including bottles moving on their own in the bar and a permanently cold boiler room.

According to Mrs Seal the pub was once a court where prisoners were held before being hanged on Thornton Heath pond, then known as Gallows Green.

The team set up recording equipment including tape recorders and camcorders to try and capture evidence of any paranormal activity on film. Mr Bryer said: "We went into the part of the pub that used to be a court room and next door - now a boiler room which used to be where the accused were held. "We set up the camcorder and tape recorder for 45 minutes and when we reviewed it there was a very faint voice which said hello."

The camcorder also recorded several orbs, lights seen on a camera but not with the naked eye which are believed to be the manifestation of a spirit.

Mr Bryer added: "We went down to the basement and we heard a shuffling sound like someone was moving a cardboard box, which the camcorder picked up as well.

"We returned to the boiler room later and all five of us started feeling sick. Using a digital camera we were able to see lots of orbs and I asked the spirit if it would move the orbs round one of the team's head, which it did. I asked the spirit to do it a couple of times and each time the orbs moved.

"This is the first time I've seen orbs move like that. I'm sure the pub is haunted."

Mrs Seal said: "I watched the recordings, and it's just unbelievable. I'm not worried though, I've been here for four years and if something scary was going to happen I think it would have by now."