A Thornton Heath green campaigner has been arrested in India on suspicion of terrorism.

Andy Pag, was arrested last Tuesday in Ajmer, in the state of Rajasthan, in northern India because he used his satellite phone without permission.

The 35-year-old is four months into a round-the-world trip in his bus fuelled by chip fat to highlight the benefits of using alternative fuels and campaign against global warming.

An Indian judge is expected to rule today whether Mr Pag will be granted bail. He has spent a week in custody.

He left on his journey in September 2009, driving his truck through Europe and the Middle East before reaching India, travelling through Pakistan.

He has been charged under an information technology act meaning he needs permission to carry a satellite phone.

Conviction under the Act carries a minimum two year jail sentence.

Speaking from his prison cell, Mr Pag told the Times of India he had no idea he needed permission to carry the phone.

He said: “I was never asked anywhere while filling the visa forms about my satellite phone. Also, the officials at Wagah border checked me and my van thoroughly and were aware of the phone but didn’t question me or asked for details.’’ He said the last time he was called on the phone was when his sister wished him happy birthday on November 13, in Iran .

He said: “I am on my way to China and I know that I am not allowed to keep the satellite phone there and have made arrangements to send it back home. Here, I was clueless about the rules.

“I was picked up from my van on Sunday night by security men in plainclothes. They took me to the police station for interrogation because I had a satellite phone.”

Mr Pag has dual Italian and British nationality and was travelling on his Italian passport.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it has not been informed of Mr Pag’s arrest by the Indian authorities.

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