To concentrate on the Warehouse Theatre's latest offering Queer Counsel as a gay Christian drama is to do the performance a disservice.

Clearly the divide between religious fundamentalism and homosexuality is central to the play but there are many more subtle features after all God is in the detail.

And it's the level of detail, combined with a witty script that makes what could be a rather staid, if contemporary, tragedy both emotionally engaging and entertaining.

Nick Bamford's work is based on a true story about a Christian whose gay son committed suicide. The father then set up a gay counselling service in his son's memory but is the counselling really trying to convince practising gay men to become straight or celibate?

The play sees the charming John (played by Tim Charrington) advising a deadpan Daniel that gay sex in the eyes of God is an abomination.

Enter Gary (Laurence Saunders) an angry young-man who is sexually promiscuous, direct and artistically gifted. He'd be a poster boy for the modern homosexual except for a dark blot on conscience.

We meet Matthew (Darren Cheek) only in flashbacks and it is here where the details kick in.

Fresh-faced Matthew dressed in a terrible young Christian jumper is a ready candidate for the Alpha course complete with an ornate crucifix, which he gives away after dabbling in drugs, hard drink and gay sex.

It's hard to pick out the most engaging character in this sublime performance but perhaps the most emotionally captivating is Alison Belbin's performance as John's wife Mary.

Her struggle to comes to terms with her son's suicide and the seeming collapse of her family is heart-warming rather then depressing.

Shamelessly sexually explicit, witty, genuinely thought-provoking and a skilled cast , it would be a sin to miss this play.

Queer Counsel is playing at the Warehouse Theatre until May 9. Call the box office on 020 8680 4060.