A music fan has published a book about rubbing shoulders with rock legends from the 60s.

David Williams, from Epsom, is the author of The First Time We Met The Blues, where he tells about his friendship with music icons such as Jimmy Page and Mick Jagger.

Mr Williams and Led Zeppelin’s guitar hero Jimmy Page grew up together in Miles Road, Epsom, in the late 1950s, where Page’s first-ever paid gig happened at the Comrades’ Club.

Mr Williams said: “We just grew up kicking a ball around and doing the things kids do, but when we got into our teens we started to get into music.

“We were liked-minded souls but Jim was the musician. He practised all the time and was like a sponge.”

He later forged ties with Rollings Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones.

Mr Williams recalled in the book how he and Page used to loiter outside the fire escape of Ebbisham Hall, in the town centre, trying to listen to bands such as Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds without paying.

The retired cost consultant for constructions admitted he originally wrote the book for sons Gareth and Kieron, who are now both in their 30s.

He said: “My sons had always been into music and I guess I really wrote it for them.

“They had heard a few tales down the pub and I thought I’d write it to let them have an idea of what I used to get up to in those days.

“I wrote it down in rough about six or seven years ago when I was out fishing in South Africa and it sat there for ages.

“Then one or two friends suggested I ought to try and get it published because people might be interested in the tale.”

With his wife Anna, 44, Mr Williams spent much of his working life abroad, from where he never followed Page’s success with Led Zeppelin, and ended up losing interest in the Stones.

He said: “I last saw the Stones in about 63 in Richmond. By then they were getting followed by a load of screaming girls.

“I last saw Brian that same year when we had a drink together. I was very sad to hear of his death a few years later.

“I have heard from Jimmy now and again and he very kindly did the foreword to my book. I remember him popping round to see us in our last house many years ago in a Rolls Royce.”

The First Time We Met The Blues is published by Music Mentor Books.

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