A planning application for new waste facilities at a Beddington Lane site has been refused after residents started a campaign against it.

At a packed meeting in the council offices last week, Sutton Council’s development control rejected a second application by company HS Works for a recycling plant at 112 Beddington Lane.

Mike Dunne, chairman of the Beddington Village residents’ association, said: “The recycling plant would cause an increase in traffic along an already busy road in Beddington Lane, create unacceptable health risks, dust, noise and light environmental concerns and damage the quality of life for residents generally.

“We are all pleased this second application has been refused and will now turn our attention to opposing the appeal made by HS Works on the first planning scheme.”

The company had a first application refused by councillors in March, but applied again to build a recycling centre at the site to treat material from road excavations for use on new roads and repairs. They have now appealed of the decision.

Ken Andrew, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Carshalton and Wallington, said: “Far too much consideration is given by the council to the industrial part of Beddington and too little to the people living in Beddington Village.

“We now look to the council to defend residents in the appeal being made by the applicant to the decision to reject the first planning application.

“I congratulate Mike Dunne the chairman of the Beddington Village residents’ association for presenting such a compelling case and to the 100 residents who turned up to support him.”

Councillor John Leach, who chaired the meeting said: “I cannot vote for this application. Beddington Village residents have suffered enough.”

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, said: “The battle isn’t over.

"The decision about whether to grant this application has been taken out of the hands of elected councilllors and given to an unelected official in Bristol.”

HS Works were looking to build offices and staff accommodation, 20 lorry parking spaces, storage bays and noise barriers at 112 Beddington Lane.

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