A list of homes too dangerous for paramedics to visit alone has been drawn up by health chiefs.

Data released to the Sutton Guardian reveals there are 58 addresses in the Sutton where ambulance staff have the option of a police escort if they are called to attend an incident.

In comparison Croydon currently has 27 addresses on the high risk register.

The homes have been flagged up because the residents have been violent or aggressive towards paramedics on previous visits.

Aiden Brisland, spokesman for London Ambulance Service, said the system did not mean staff would refuse to treat patients known to be aggressive.

He said: “We do not routinely categorise the reasons for each request and so do not hold this information, however, a report about an incident of verbal or physical abuse will have been received from a paramedic in each case.

“If an address is on the high risk register then it is not a matter of staff choice on whether to take a police escort: they will always receive one.

“The guidance is to wait on a nearby street until the police assistance has arrived and then treat the patient.”

Mr Brisland said paramedics responded to every incident they are called to.

He said: “It is not always the patient that is being aggressive: it could be someone with them or in the area.

“We always endeavour to treat every patient.”

Mr Brisland said violence against paramedics would result in prosecution.

He said: “It is totally unacceptable, there is no two ways about it.

“We take violence against our staff very seriously and will always take legal action.”

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