A verdict in the Meredith Kercher murder trial is expected by the beginning of next year as the last of the evidence has been heard.

The Coulsdon student was found in her room with her throat cut in Perugia, Italy in November 2007.

She was studying in the country on an exchange programme for a year.

Fellow student, American Amanda Knox, 21, and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 25, are accused of murdering her because she allegedly refused to take part in a drug-fuelled orgy.

They both deny the charge.

The key evidence in the case is a kitchen knife found in Mr Sollecito’s flat which has Miss Knox’s DNA on the handle of a kitchen knife while Miss Kercher’s DNA was on the tip.

The Italian court has also been told Mr Sollecito’s DNA was discovered on a bra clasp belonging to Miss Kercher which was found at the scene.

Defence lawyers insist the DNA evidence has been tainted and cannot be relied upon.

One of the last witnesses, geneticist Sara Gino, told the jury the levels of the DNA on the knife were too low to be considered evidence.

Psychologist Professor Carlo Caltagirone gave evidence about Amanda Knox’s “confession” at the police station.

Miss Knox is claimed to have told police she covered her ears to block out the sounds of barman Patrick Lumumba killing Meredith.

But Mr Lumumba, 38, is suing Miss Knox for defamation after he was arrested for the murder.

He was later released without charge.

Professor Caltagirone told the court Knox made the “confession” because she was under stress after being questioned for 40 hours in four days.

He said people in stressful situations can have false flashbacks and say things that are not true.

The defence lawyers are planning to ask for an independent review of the evidence heard so far and this can take 60 days, although a judge can refuse their request.

The earliest a verdict can be delivered is in November, two years after Meredith was killed, although it may not be given until early next year.

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