More than £400 worth of fishing tackle has been hooked from a shed in Merland Rise, Tadworth.

Although the owner had locked the shed, burglars climbed over a high fence and broke in some time between 11am on Tuesday September 1 and 2pm on Thursday September 3 . They stole seven fishing rods, a set of waterproof trousers and a tool box.

Tadworth neighbourhood specialist officer PC Jim Dawborn said: “This shed was locked and secure, and the burglars had to scale a high fence in order to steal all this valuable equipment.

“Fishing tackle is an expensive and attractive commodity for thieves, and I am appealing to anglers in the area to let us know if you are offered cheap fishing rods, as they may have originated from this burglary.

“I am repeating my appeal from last week by urging residents to make sure they have good security in place, and taking simple measures, such as installing shed alarms and marking your tools and equipment, which can act as effective deterrents.

“If you are offered cheap fishing equipment for sale, please call the police immediately.”

Police said sheds, garages and outbuildings should always be secured with good quality locks, and that the shed framework should be checked to make sure it is sound.

Window locks and a strong grille or heavy wire mesh will also deter thieves, and all property should be marked with a postcode.

Chain your bicycles, mowers, ladders and tools to a strong anchor point, like a metal ring fixed in concrete to the floor, and use a close shackle padlock.

You could also consider installing outside security lighting.

Contact Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222.