The sighting of a bright flying sphere above Sutton deserved a mention in secret government UFO files, it has emerged.

A baffled resident had a close encounter of the first kind when a bright circular object with white lighting and no sound hovered above their residence, flying lower than a 10-storey building, in 1993.

The report of the sighting featured in a second batch of formerly confidential documents registering UFO sightings all over the country, between 1981 and 1996, released by the MoD last month.

According to the files, which were kept secret for years, it was possible that the same UFO had been spotted in Streatham half an hour before and in Esher 20 minutes after it visited Sutton.

An analysis of the sighting by an expert read:”A low-flying circular object, flying from east to Streatham is reported.

Once again, it’s difficult to know whether we are dealing with the same object.

“If we are, why did it take so long to reach Sutton, only four to five miles away? So perhaps this was another device which had just been delivered to the scene?”

The incident was reported 16 years ago, but it looks like the little men from space are still keen to visit the borough, after a couple reported a sighting in Carshalton during the Bank Holiday weekend.

A resident identified only as C Robertson posted an account of their own encounter on Saturday, on the busy UK UFO Sightings blog.

It read: “Me and my boyfriend were sitting outside in the garden when we noticed a low-flying object, bright burning orange in colour and moving smoothly at a constant speed.

“After a few minutes the object slowly dimmed and then disappeared.

“During the course of an hour we saw a total of ten of these objects which all seemed to follow the same path and dimming before disappearing like the first one did. It was spectacular to watch.

“What was really strange was how they all were exact in shape and size, colour, speed. There were also no sight of navigation flashing lights like you would expect with a plane.”

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