A Croydon man plans to travel the globe researching different countries’ use of fuels in a bus that runs purely on chip oil.

A group of graffiti artists helped provide some colour on the bus set to tour the world.

On August 29, Andy Pag set off around the globe in the bus, which has been converted to run on waste as fuel.

The eco-crusaded enlisted the help of the Graffiti Kings, a collective of graffiti artists based in South Norwood, to give the Biotruck a makeover before its epic journey.

Mr Pag said: “There are statistics that suggest by 2050 people should be emitting only two tonnes of carbon a year when at the moment they produce about 15.

“I just want to see what countries are doing to try and reach that goal and see if I can get around the world emitting less than two tonnes of carbon.”

The bus, according to Mr Pag, has already emitted its lifetime of carbon.

Mr Pag wrote on his blog: “We’ve combined the ethos of the travelling hippy buses of the 1970s with state of the art cutting edge technology.

“Our warmth and electricity are generated without fossil fuels.

"The build includes a wood burning stove for heat, a heat exchanger around the exhaust pipe for hot water, wood gas stoves for cooking, low power LED lighting and electricity for our domestic needs is all powered by PV solar cells on the roof.”

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