It promises to be the ultimate niche gift for those wanting to learn more about the peat-cutting techniques of skimpily clad crofters.

A former Sutton resident is returning with bundles of calenders bearing images of naked men performing the ancient Hebridean ritual.

Iain “Jock” Murray lived in the borough for 40 years while working as a detective, before moving back to Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland.

The 69-year-old fundraiser is now hoping to sell 15,000 charity calendars, documenting the little-understood production of winter fuel in his homeland.

He is scheduled to set up stall in Sutton High Street on Saturday, August 29, as he heads towards Petticoat Lane market in east London.

Proceeds from the Hebridean naked peat-cutter calendars, priced £5, will go to the Anthony Nolan Trust and a leukaemia research centre in Glasgow.

Jock said: “I owe these organisations so much.

"They saved my wife, who has had a successful bone marrow transplant, and they saved my daughter, who was successfully treated for leukaemia.

"What more can I ask?”

A spokesman for the tour said: “After 26 years as a Metropolitan Police detective, Jock then ran a private detective agency in Sutton. Many of his family still live there.

So Sutton High Street will have stalls with the calendars showing several islanders - crofters, a hotel owner, a bricklayer, a driver and other locals - carrying out the ancient Hebridean ritual of cutting peat, but with their kit off.

“Jock should reach Sutton on August 28 and the following day his granddaughter will lead the dancing and fundraising in the high street.

"A TV production company will accompany them along the way for what promises to be not the most serious programme ever screened.”

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