A well-known Battersea architect who died after his motorbike collided with a car had a heart condition described as a “ticking timebomb” which prevented recovery from his injuries, an inquest has heard.

Michael Horsman’s serious heart condition meant his body was not strong enough to pull through, Westminster’s Coroner’s Court was told on Tuesday, August 4.

Mr Horsman, of Chatham Road, was returning home with groceries on February 10 when he turned left off Limburg Road on to Battersea Rise, before quickly turning right across a bus lane on to Almeric Road.

It was as he made this final turn that he was hit by a Volkswagen Golf driving in the bus lane on Battersea Rise, the inquest was told.

The driver of the Golf, who attended the inquest, was cleared of liability as it was her right of way, her tyre marks proved she was driving at 27mph and she had braked quickly, according to collision investigator PC Adrian Armstrong.

Eyewitness Rachel Bradley, in the nearest car to the accident, told the inquest: “I saw [Mr Horsman] indicating to go down Almeric Road, gave way and let him through but he seemed in a hurry.

“As the motorbike passed in front of me, a car came down the bus lane and he was hit by the front right side of the car.”

Other witnesses said Mr Horsman, who designed Ralph Hall West in Battersea, was thrown 10 to 12 feet in the air.

PC Armstrong told the inquest the 76-year-old was hit by the “hardest part of any car”, the frame section joining the bonnet to the roof on either side of the windscreen.

The father-of-two was treated for a broken collarbone, fractured ribs, chest injuries and a severe head wound.

His condition deteriorated the following week causing him to fall into a deep coma and he died on February 19.

Pathologist Dr Peter Wilkins said: “The victim had severe heart disease and had suffered several mini-heart attacks in recent years. This makes recovery from trauma very difficult.”

Dr Shirley Radcliffe recorded a verdict of accidental death and said: “Michael Horsman had a bit of a timebomb ticking away there.

"This is a tragic accident and I record that he died of multiple head injuries and heart disease.”