Two Nepalese men have received three-year prison sentences at the Old Bailey today, for the manslaughter of Esher waiter Bishal Gurung last year.

Morden residents Rocky Gurung, 21, from Haig Place, and Kemik Thakali, 21, from Legion Court, both pleaded not guilty to murder during the trial last month but were found guilty of the manslaughter of the 23-year-old waiter.

During the trial, the court was told Bishal Gurung, who worked at the Sherpa Kitchen in Esher High Street, was chased along the Thames Embankment by a gang of 10 to 15 men including Rocky Gurung in the early hours of April 13, 2008, after being falsely accused of hitting Kemik Thakali with a bottle during a boat party to celebrate Nepalese new year.

He was kicked and beaten before being rolled into the Thames by Rocky Gurung and Thakali, the court was told.

The jury was told during evidence that a third man called Arjun Gurung had also taken part in pushing Bishal Gurung into the river, but he was not on trial and is believed to be in Nepal.

The court heard Bishal Gurung was still alive when he entered the water and he died of drowning.

He was found in the river two weeks later.

Rocky Gurung was also sentenced to 12 months in prison, to run concurrently with his other sentence, for violent disorder.

Another man, Missan Gurung, from Felixstowe Road in southeast London, received a nine month prison sentence, also for violent disorder.

Judge Timothy Pontius told the three men the 371 days they had spent in custody since their arrests would be deducted from the period they will serve.

Before sentencing them, he said: “You are all three men of previously exemplary behaviour - you all come from respectable families. You acted in a way out of character.

“It is clear none of you intended Bishal Gurung to suffer serious harm.

"I have no doubt that all three feel remorse and deep shame.

"Despite the gravity of the attack, I can treat you all with justifiable leniency.”