Televisions, computers and furniture from the derelict Raven’s Ait buildings are being needlessly thrown away by council contractors clearing the island, concerned residents have claimed.

A barge has been moored up to the island in the Thames for the past week, to take away the unwanted items before it is shown to potential buyers.

People living nearby said they had seen good-quality furniture thrown on to the ship, just months after they were used for weddings and corporate events.

They are concerned it will be thrown away when it could be recycled or given to local families or schools.

Nick Booth, 48, who visited the island when it was occupied by squatters in the spring, said: “I just wish they were more responsible.

"It seems a shame. Some of the stuff could be used again and it is going to go into landfill. Why do they need to chuck it out?"

Anthony Yates, 27, said he had seen at least two ships heading towards Battersea and was sceptical any of it would be recycled or reused locally.

A council spokesman said the majority of items belonged to the previous business, which went into administration in November last year.

The administrators are understood to have taken the most valuable items, leaving office equipment and outdated furniture.

He added: “It really is a case of getting everything off, looking at what we’ve got and if there’s anything of any value we’ll keep it or reuse it. A lot of it really is rubbish.

“There’s been a lot of stuff left in the loft space.

"We’re taking the opportunity to do it all in one go.

"Before we can formally market it, it has got to look good and it’s got to be clean. There’s nothing sinister going on.”

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