Saying goodbye to curries will bring a tear to the eye of onion-intolerant eaters no longer, after a Walton woman’s sauces came to the rescue.

Anila Vaghela has created recipes for curry sauces, chutneys and pickles which do not use onions or garlic, meaning allium-intolerant people can tuck in too.

The founder of Anila’s said: “Many people mistakenly believe that all curries contain onion and garlic, and curry-lovers could be missing out on their favourite foods because of this belief.

“It’s only recently I’ve realised there are a lot of people who are intolerant to alliums such as onion or garlic.

"Of course they are very happy to find mine don’t contain them.”

Mrs Vaghela recently won an award at this year’s Free From Food awards, for her spicy korma curry sauce.

The eight varieties of curry sauce and 16 varieties of pickles, chutneys and dips are also gluten and dairy-free, meaning just about everyone can enjoy them.

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