Private Graham Ablett lives in Hounslow and works in the Operations Room at Musa Qal'eh District Centre.

The 29-year-old oversees the command of mortar fire support for ground troops.

He said: “Afghanistan has changed a lot since I was last here. They are using a lot of the tactics that were used by the Iraqi insurgents, we are seeing a lot more IEDs but the locals are a lot more friendlier this time around.

“I know it sounds funny but I haven't had a bad day yet, of course I am missing my family and friends but being here feels like your doing something worthwhile.

“My wife is 100 per cent supportive of me she knows this is my job and she is more than willing to follow me around which is a true blessing, I can't wait to get back and give her a cuddle and see my two dogs.”

The former senior mental health carer finds his job a world away from his former civilian life.

“Whereas before I had to be very patient with people because I knew they had mental health issues here I have to do what I am told as soon as I am told to do it.

“I do believe that we are here to help the Afghan people though. They need internal security and a form of governance that will bring them benefits. The Taliban would simply tax them, steal their land and crops and leave them with nothing.

“You see the kids and they have nothing but they are happy, they chase each other around and play with stones and in some respects are better off than families in England.

"They listen to their parents and don't whinge and whine for the latest X-Box game or Sony PSP. There are a lot of lessons they could teach the British.”

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