A charity worker viciously attacked by a pitbull may not be able to use her arms again.

The 38-year-old woman, identified only as Maureen, was discharged from hospital and has been recovering at home since Friday after being attacked by the crazed dog outside a building on Benhill Avenue, Sutton.

According to a close friend, who did not want to be named, Maureen, who lives in Camberwell, could not speak for days after the incident and still has nightmares about the attack which left her arms partially paralysed.

She said: “She is in such a state. I go over there and talk to her often. Sometimes she wants to talk about the whole thing, other times she doesn’t.”

The charity worker has two daughters, aged seven and 10, and a son, aged three.

Her friend said: “We don’t know yet whether she’ll be able to use her arms again.

"They are very swollen still and she can’t really move them.

"She can’t even hug her children, push the youngest’s pram or take him to the nursery.”

A Sutton Police spokesman said: “The victim is at home after coming out of hospital last week and is continuing to receive medical care and treatment.

"She is due to make a statement to police next week.

"One arm is in a brace, the other is heavily bandaged. But she can move the fingers in both hands.”

Two 18-year-old women were expected to return to Sutton Police to answer bail yesterday.

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