A man who bought a secondhand iPod was stunned when he discovered raunchy photos of scantily clad women on it.

The iPod also showed a young man posing with what looks like an air pistol.

Kristian Towell, 27, from Brighton, bought the iPod for £85 from the Computer Exchange next to East Croydon station.

He said: “I was looking through it and was shocked to see photos of all these scantily clad women.”

He said the photos were under different categories, which included “chicks”, “me”, “wifey” and “family”.

“The ones under ‘me’ are of a guy. In some of them he has his shirt off, in another he is posing with a gun.

“The photos under ‘wifey’ are pretty decent, but the ones under ‘chicks’ are quite raunchy.”

He said they were of low quality and looked like they might have been taken with a mobile phone.

One of the pictures of a fully clothed girl looking back over her shoulder has the word “tramp” scrawled on it.

Others show a young woman posing in her underwear. The rest are of a man posing in a hoodie. One shows a man’s torso.

Mr Towell said: “I had my own iPod nicked and don’t think the new ones are as good as the old ones, so I decided to buy one from CeX.

“I was really pleased with the one I bought, it is in a decent condition.

“When I got it home, it was full of terrible music and then I saw these photos.”

He said his computer also found a number of viruses on the iPod.

Mr Towell said he would clean the iPod and use it.

CeX have been contacted for comment but have yet to reply.

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