Gardens representing the six wives of Henry VIII will be among special features at this year’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Anne Boleyn, allegedly a sex-mad seductress, will be remembered in A Witch’s Garden designed by Anthea Guthrie, and containing the plants and herbs needed for aphrodisiacs, fertility and other potions, plus a scaffold to denote Anne’s execution.

Henry’s last wife, Catherine Parr, was strongly religious, so Yvonne Matthews will create a Mary Garden, named in honour of the Virgin Mary, filled with plants chosen for their religious names or symbolism, such as aconitum (the Virgin’s shoe) and passiflora (Christ’s Crown).

The other four wives will also have gardens. Jane Seymour’s fair skin and quiet charm will be recalled in a design of white and pale flowers by Tracy Foster; Anne of Cleves will have a Tudor knot garden designed by Shuttleworth College; Katherine of Aragon’s story will be retold in an Artscapes garden full of symbolism; and Katherine Howard’s brief span will reflected in an ornamental garden featuring a four-poster bed planted with thyme.

The show, sponsored by Rachel’s Organic, will run from July 7 to 12.

The first two days will be reserved for members of the Royal Horticultural Society, but July 9 to 12 will be public ones.

To book tickets call 0844 2090363. For further information ring 020 7649 1885.

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