Bloodied footprints matched to the murder accused in the Meredith Kercher trial were found at the scene of the crime, a court was told.

Coulsdon student Meredith Kercher was found in her room with her throat cut in Perugia, Italy in November 2007.

Fellow American student Amanda Knox, 21, and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 25, are accused of Miss Kercher’s murder.

A court heard last week how one print was found on a bathmat and three more leading from Miss Kercher’s bedroom to the room of Amanda Knox.

Police scientist Dr Lorenzo Rinaldi told the court the footprints were discovered with a substance called Luminol which turns blue in the presence of blood.

He said the print on the bathmat and one in the corridor matched prints taken from Sollecito.

He added: “"We also found that a naked footprint found in Knox's bedroom and in the corridor outside, again using Luminol, was compatible with the one taken from her in prison."

Rudy Guede, an Ivory Coast drifter, was convicted of Miss Kercher’s murder last year and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

It is alleged Guede tried to sexually assault Miss Kercher and then Miss Knox fatally stabbed her in the throat.