A red light camera which was set alight twice in one night this week could have been the victim of a revenge attack by a disgruntled driver, firefighters have said.

The camera, at the junction of Jubilee Way and Kingston Road in Tolworth, was seen smouldering at 2.15am on Tuesday, May 5.

Firefighters put it out and removed a petrol container but the arsonist returned and an hour later the camera was fully ablaze.

A car tyre was believed to have been placed around the camera, doused in petrol, then set on fire.

The heat produced from the burning tyre was enough to cause major damage to the camera, a firefighter said. The camera has been targeted on numerous occasions in the past few years.

He added: “It was a serious case of road rage I think. They wanted to make sure they finished the job, so went back a second time.”

A spokesman from Transport for London said red light cameras have proven to save lives and reduce injuries.

He said: “It is disappointing to see this mindless vandalism and we await the conclusion of the police investigation into this case before we can begin repairing this camera.”

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