Plans for the new Croydon Council building to replace Taberner House are unveiled at a public exhibition.

The new “public service hub” will be built in Fell Road by development partners John Laing and replace the existing council headquarters.

The exhibition shows plans for the new headquarters, which could contain offices for the Primary Care Trust and the police.

The development is part of the council’s Urban Regeneration Vehicle, a £450m partnership between John Laing and Croydon Council.

The council is putting in four premises, including Taberner House, for John Laing to redevelop and the profits will then be split 50/50.

If successful in its planning application, work could start on site in spring 2010 with completion some three years later.

Councillor Steve O’Connell, cabinet member for regeneration, said: “I am delighted that John Laing is putting on this exhibition in the centre of Croydon to show what they are proposing as the first instalment of the URV.

“Few would disagree that Taberner House, in its present state, is one of the least impressive buildings on the Croydon skyline and few will mourn its demise.

"The URV offers an opportunity to rethink the way public services are provided and I believe people will be impressed when they can see for themselves how this proposed landmark is expected to operate on their behalf.”

The exhibition at Croydon Clocktower starts today until Monday April 20.

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