These cute baby meerkats have only been out of their nest boxes for two weeks but already they are starting to run rings round the adults.

The three babies, which have yet to be named, are the latest addition to the meerkat mob at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo and are just some of the animals you can see at a visit to the park this Easter.

The eight-week-old youngsters, whose soft striped brown hair is yet to grow as bushy as their parents, have just started to learn how to hunt for small birds after having their very first feed last month.

And they have been practising using their tails to help them stand on their haunches, ready to take on the role of guard duty when they are fully grown in four months time.

Zookeeper Cath Salmon, pictured feeding one of the adults, said: “They really are fantastic little animals and are fascinating to watch.”

The meerkats will joining in with the Easter celebrations at the zoo, from April 4 to 19.

There will be an Easter egg hunt, where children can buy a quiz sheet for £1 and follow the clues to see which animals are guarding the eggs, a free poster for those who dress up in festive bunny ears and on April 4 and 9 youngsters can make Easter bunny cards in the zoo’s cabin.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and usual entry fees apply.

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