The truth is out there but perhaps closer than you think according to Gunter, a self-proclaimed UFO hunter.

Purley resident Gunter Hofer, has been researching unidentified flying objects for more than a decade.

Formerly a native of Zimbabwe, Gunter started investigating UFOs after a chance meeting with the world renowned African UFO expert, Cynthia Hind.

Mrs Hind suggested they started working together after discovering his interest in science and his past endeavours in astrology.

"I am always open-minded about what may be up there."

Gunter Hofer

They investigated a famous reported UFO landing at a school in Ruwa in Zimbabwe in 1994 that is still legendary in UFO-hunting circles.

The 37-year-old became obsessed with objects in the sky and was like a real-life Fox Mulder from the X-Files, trying to prove or disprove the existence of aliens.

But when he arrived in Croydon his passion wained, until a new sighting in Thornton Heath reignited his search for the truth.

Mr Hofer said: “I came to England in 2001 to further my career in graphic design and had,up until now, put the UFO investigating on the back burner.

“After reading an article in the Croydon Guardian about UFOs over Thornton Heath I thought about starting up my research again.

“My research in the past has led me to find very little physical evidence of UFOs. Although we have seen ground displaced where people have claimed to see UFOs, while we found evidence to suggest that something was there, concrete proof is of course very difficult to find.”

The UFO hunter is keen for anyone who thinks they may have seen a UFO to contact him so he can investigate.

He said: “Venus is very bright at the moment so a lot of what people are seeing may, in fact, be a planet that is twinkling very brightly.

“I am always open-minded about what may be up there. My girlfriend is quite open-minded about these things too and she doesn’t really mind my investigations.

"I think she understands my curiosity.”

  • If you have seen any mysterious lights in the sky or would like Gunter Hofer to investigate something you think may be not be of this world contact the Croydon Guardian on 020 8330 9558.