Reports of a massive illegal rave at the abandoned wedding venue on Raven's Ait island appear to have been overblown.

Firefighters were warned up to 400 people could turn up.

But if there was an illegal rave, few signs of activity could be seen this morning.

Four children could be seen playing with two white dogs on the grass at the southern tip of the island.

Boats moored up next to the island including a houseboat and smaller boat with a Jolly Roger skull and crossbones flag.

Another rainbow flag was flying from above the building.

One woman was able to shout across the river from the island and said: "It wasn't a party. It wasn't a rave. It was a cinema night and it went very well thankyou."

Police said the island landing was not likely to be a criminal matter.

Officially the site now belongs to insolvency firm Wilkins Kennedy, after the previous owners went into administration, and any money from a future sale would be owed to the debtors.

One engaged couple lost £12,500 when their dream wedding on the island was cancelled.

The administrators could not be contacted this morning.