A drunk reveller who repeatedly kicked and stamped on his dog’s head at Surbiton station has been banned from owning animals and sentenced to two weeks in prison.

Shane Walker, 20, admitted beating his auntie’s pitbull terrier, horrifying onlookers and leaving his pet whimpering, Kingston Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday.

But because he is currently serving four months in prison for burglary, his two-week sentence will run concurrently and he will not serve any extra time.

Walker, of Bridge Wharf, Chertsey, had been drinking in pubs in Surbiton with his cousin on September 25 last year and was on his way home when the attack happened at 10pm.

Prosecuting, solicitor Miss Lusack said Walker was seen punching, kicking and stamping on the dog, and witnesses were “clearly shocked and disturbed by the incident”.

He told police he had only drunk a few lagers but could not remember hitting the dog, or anything until he woke up in police cells the next morning.

The dog, believed to be called Daisy, has since been taken away from its owner and is now in the possession of the police.

Defence solicitor John Sellars insisted Walker was only “play fighting” with the dog, but added: “Certainly there was a breach of the peace and he went a bit far.”

He said the dog had no serious injuries and was otherwise in a healthy condition.

Walker has been banned from keeping any animal but will be allowed to apply to have the order lifted after 12 months.