Mediation between young people and residents on the Knollmead estate in Kingston has been hailed a success by police.

Recent conflict in the area was managed in the short-term by a dispersion order but the council realised this was not an efffective solution and called in Peaceworks Mediation, a professional cross-cultural service, to help bridge the gap.

The lead mediator and his team met with both groups and an agreement to engage in a mediation process was made.

Over two sessions the groups sat together and listened to each other before collaboratively brainstorming ways forward.

The process concluded with a written agreement designed together by the groups and signed as a declaration of their commitment into the future.

Lead mediator Mike Morris said: "The willingness to talk and listen honestly to each other revealed a strong commitment to express feelings but also to explore practical solutions.

"I was impressed with the ability of these two groups to explore an effective solution. They are to be applauded."

A meeting to celebrate the success was held at Sunray community centre yesterday.