A Twickenham man has been left perplexed after spotting a mysterious object floating in the sky and has turned to YouTube in the hope of identifying it.

Vicarage Road resident Ed O’Toole captured the strange light above his home on video and posted it on the website to see if keen astrologers or UFO enthusiasts might be able to explain what it is.

Mr O’Toole said: “I saw it from my toilet window.

“It has been there for a number of weeks and it was moving and as stars don’t move I started thinking it must be something else.

“Someone thinks it could be Venus but it moves too much for that.

“I have been on the internet and there are a few who think it could be something but people are reluctant to say it’s a UFO.

“Unfortunately the quality of the film on the website doesn’t do it justice.”

Watch the video

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