A train company responsible for allowing foam to froth and bubble on to the streets of Battersea has agreed to clean up its act.

South West Trains (SWT) was alerted to the problem by Battersea resident, Bob Robinson, who spotted foam rising out of the drains on to Latchmere Road last year.

SWT operates a carriage cleaning operation in the sidings near Clapham Junction Station, which, when it runs to the drains at ground level, causes the foam to froth.

Mr Robinson wrote to SWT and other authorities to get the problem sorted, but is still waiting for a solution.

An SWT spokeswoman said it uses a detergent in its operation, which was causing the problem.

The spokeswoman said: “It happens from time to time and is caused because of the drop from the train level to street level.

“We have some technical advisors who have told us we need to install an additional holding tank. Work on that should start later this month or early next month.”