A full time teacher and author signed copies of her new book in Waterstones in Sutton.

The book shop on Sutton High Street welcomed acclaimed author Debbie Edwards on Saturday.

The author, who teaches in Redhill, is due to be releasing the third book in her Mirvellon Trilogy next year.

Four thousand copies of her first two books in the ‘Aggie Lichen, pilp collector’ series - Arty’s revenge and Hero required, have been sold to date.

“It was a good day, it was just a shame that the weather was so bad,” said Debbie, 52.

Debbie, who had a first novel published in 2005, said she had a ringing endorsement from another writer recently.

She said: “I sent my book to Herbie Brennan who said that he loved it. He is my kind of my mentor now.”

Brennan, a New York Times bestseller, has written over 100 books and has sold more than 7.5m copies worldwide.

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