One is a world famous rocker and founding member of Status Quo the other, believe it or not, was caught posing as his double.

This imposter, complete with moustache but minus a trademark ponytail, managed to fool the good people of Dover that he was Purley-based rocker Francis Rossi.

So effective was his ruse, the man, exposed as 56-year-old odd job builder Graham Tumber, was invited to judge the Carnival Float competition and was guest of honour at the Miss Dover beauty contest.

Fans mobbed him to sign CDs at the Kent port’s football ground and he was even asked to perform some of the Quo’s legendary rock tracks like Rockin’ All Over the World and Whatever You Want, but claimed he had arthritis and couldn’t play his guitar.

The prankster told people he called himself Graham to remain incognito, and when quizzed about his lack of the trademark ponytail, said it was a stick-on fake used for gigs as he could not grow it anymore.

Yesterday Mr Rossi, who has lived in Purley for more than 30 years said: “I want him to come to our next gig.

“I’m really amused by the whole affair and the fact he looks nothing like me. I’ll never know how he knew the secret about my ponytail though.

“If there are others out there I hope there is a bit more of a resemblance otherwise they are doomed to fail.”

Mr Tumber was so brazen he bragged he was great friends with Sir Paul McCartney and that Queen guitarist Brian May was staying at his house.

Despite being much taller than the Status Quo star he was able to convince an ex-councillor in the town he was the real deal.

Trying to remain in character, he donated £1,000 in cash to a local children’s charity the Blackfish Academy under the auspices of Mr Rossi.

The impersonator was eventually rumbled by Dover Town Council chief executive Mike Webb, himself a massive Quo fan.

He said: “I certainly don’t find it funny.

“A former councillor was conned by the fellow and in all innocence at the time with no reason to disbelieve him until you saw him.

“When I met him I knew immediately it was not him.”

Mr Webb said former councillor Vic Matcham, 67, was fooled into believing the imposter would perform at their festival and bring celebrity friends including McCartney, Charlotte Church and Queen’s Brian May.

He got a snap of the man, who once he realised he was rumbled, fled the town leaving his true identity a mystery until now.

Despite the embarrassment, the story has a happy ending as Status Quo have invited Mr Webb and some of his team to see the ageing rockers in concert.

But Mr Webb joked: “I won’t get in the same room with Mr Rossi until I have his dental records, his fingerprints and have seen his passport so I know it is him.”

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