Drivers are celebrating as a controversial traffic system, thought to have cost motorists a third of a million pounds in fines this year, is set to be changed.

Transport for London (TfL) are considering a redesign of the box junction in Colliers Wood - and until this happens they have promised a “common sense approach” to fining drivers caught out by the complicated system.

The 26 metre long box is in Christchurch Road, near Colliers Wood Underground Station. The issue was brought up with TfL by Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham and Morden, who claimed that it had caught out 2,880 drivers this year - leading to more than £300,000 of fines.

It is illegal for a driver to enter a box junction unless their exit road is clear - but critics of the Colliers Wood system say that because it dips, curves and is unusually long, it is often impossible to know whether this is the case.

In a response to the MP, TfL director Graeme Craig said: "It is clear to me that vehicles stopped in the opening area of the yellow box are not causing an obstruction to other traffic. The junction will be redesigned in due course, however in the interim no further Penalty Charge Notices will be issued for vehicles which are observed as stationery in this area of the junction."

Ms McDonagh later said: “This is a very difficult junction to negotiate, and has become a cash cow for TfL. If inconsiderate drivers deliberately block this road they obviously deserve to be fined, but you see the yellow lines very late and the traffic ahead can suddenly come to a halt unexpectedly.

"The fact that more than a hundred motorists are caught out here each week shows it is sometimes difficult to stop safely in time, so I'm pleased TfL is looking at how they can improve the layout of the junction, cut down on fines and keep traffic running smoothly.”