Much has been made of the booing of Ashley Cole during England's game against Kazakhstan. The subject seems to have divided opinion. Some say a footballer is allowed to make a mistake, as we all do, and to boo is not only mindless but damaging to the individual. Others claim they have paid their money and express their discontent if they want to.

It is clear there are now a small minority of fans who are dedicated booers, who need a pantomime villain to vent their anger at. No doubt a cause of this is our current culture, with a plethora of TV talent shows having to have a Mr Nasty judge.

The trouble is football has been asking for it for years. We have been promised a golden generation, who can win all before them. We have listened to the hype beyond hype of some of the “most talented footballers of our generation”, with expectations so high it seems almost inconceivable we will not win the next major tournament let alone fail to qualify.

But fail we did, and with that reality kicked in. But not for the footballers it would appear. Gone was Steve McClaren, in was Fabio Capello, and lo and behold another load of rhetoric about under achieving, not reaching our world class potential and the importance of putting it right. And then some very tepid performances in the friendlies that ran up to the current World Cup qualifying campaign.

Fans are bored of it. They are frustrated these mutli-millionaires can turn up and seemingly prance around a bit then go back to their clubs where they earn the big bucks and compete in the bog tournaments. I've seen many a player claim they care and it hurts when they lose. But it is hard to believe them. It is hard to think that when they go home to their model girlfriend in their huge mansion in their big sports car that the hurt remains for a long period.

More so that hurt will resonate with a fan, someone who has not earnt but shelled out £50 plus to see that load of rubbish produced by these men built up to be gods. It is no wonder they are disillusioned and finally they are taking that out on the very men who have constantly let them down. Whether it is right or wrong, the pandering to money was always going to make Cole a prime target. That the majority of footballers don't seem able to change, continue to come out with the same tired lines about England pride and then miss a friendly due but play the next Saturday, and command ever higher salaries, just compounds the anger and frustration.

Footballers need to get real, realise the people paying their astronomical wages are the fans and show them some respect. Maybe then the fans will show them respect in return.