Turning your homes into your own power station for electricity and heating can deliver energy security, cut bills and reduce carbon emissions, according to one Putney resident who’s gone green.

With soaring gas and electricity prices, micro-generation technology such as solar panels or wind turbines are becoming increasing popular but are still an expensive investment.

Robin Oliver, of Sunnymead Road, Putney, moved into a property which already had photovoltaic (PV) solar tiles incorporated into the roof to provide electricity.

The system sells its excess electricity to the grid, while importing power when the sun isn't shining.

Mr Oliver said: “With the way costs are going up for all types of energy, that's an absolute bonus.

“That's one of the big plusses for this house, that was a real selling point for us," he said One of the main concerns raised about installing solar panels is the long payback time - it takes many years to recoup the money spent on the technology in savings on bills.

Jeremy Leggett, of Solarcentury, said: "When you buy a car, when you buy a kitchen, you don't ask what's the payback.

“It's a better return on your investment than leaving it in the bank, because solar is about more than energy - it's an asset on your roof.

"What better way to be secure in your energy than turning your building into a power station for your electricity and water heating? And what better way to tackle carbon in the UK?"