Police raided and closed down a Twickenham pub this week after confusion over licensing.

Officers descended on the Clubhouse in Richmond Road just before 9pm on Tuesday and closed it down.

Eyewitnesses said four officers pulled up in a mini-van and entered the pub.

One Clubhouse regular, who was in the pub at the time but did not want to be named, said every customer was questioned about what they were drinking and who had served them before being told to leave.

The pub was then closed.

A Richmond police spokesman would only confirm there were “licensing issues” concerning the premises.

The Clubhouse could not be reached for a comment.

A Richmond Council spokesman said: “The designated premises supervisor for the Clubhouse requested that his name be taken off the premises licence on Monday, September 8.

“If a new person is put on the licence, the sale of alcohol can start again. We are in contact with the owner and hope the matter is resolved as soon as possible.”