An illegal immigrant who attempted to rape a woman in a Twickenham internet cafe was told he had “disturbed” sexual views as he was sentenced to four years’ prison.

Anosh Ahmed, 30, from Harrow, was handed the prison term at Kingston Crown Court yesterday by Judge Matthews after he was found guilty of attempted rape late last month.

Ahmed was convicted of attacking a 21-year-old in the Coffee Day internet cafe in York Street at about 5pm on February 24 by a majority verdict .

The court heard that Ahmed let the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, into the cafe after hours to use the internet and then started kissing and touching her, preventing her from leaving.

He then dragged her into a toilet, forced her to the floor and told her to take off her clothes, telling her: “It’s ok, it’s only sex, you don’t want to die do you?”

Judge Matthews said: “You appear to be someone with an inability to form long-term relationships and, at 30 years of age, you lack sexual experience.

“You have continued to deny any wrongdoing and to blame the victim.

“The pre-sentence report suggests you have disturbed views about sexual entitlement and appropriate sexual behaviour.

“I have read [the 21-year-old] victim’s impact statement. She has become very anxious around strangers and feels stressed and frightened if she is on her own.

“This incident has had a very significant impact on her life. There was no physical injury of consequence to her, but the psychological impact is self evident.”

Ruth Field, speaking in mitigation, told the court that Ahmed, who has an economics degree, had come to the UK six years ago and stayed on illegally.

She also went on to say that he had had a good character until now.

Judge Matthews ordered that Ahmed be deported upon release and sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.