When Brentford FC recorded their first win of the 2008/09 season earlier this month not only did they win three points but they also gained a new fan – although they should not count on any loyalty from this new supporter.

The 4-0 victory over Grimsby Town saw the Bees win the support of a man calling himself The Gloryhunter – who has pledged to travel the country supporting different teams for the duration of the season, but only until they lose.

The Gloryhunter – or Spencer Austin as he is better known – is an author/producer writing a book and producing a web-based TV show for ITV.com/football about his year.

The idea was that he supported a team randomly at the beginning of the season, Grimsby, and supported them until they lost, at which point he started supporting the team which beat them, Brentford.

He said the idea first came about during a trip to Burkina Faso five years ago and although he tried to get it off the ground then, he had limited success and put it on hold.

He returned to it earlier this year after spending some time out of the country travelling through China, Russia and Vietnam, when he became disillusioned with his former life running his own production company.

“I saw the League Cup final on TV,” when his first love Tottenham Hotspur beat Chelsea.

“It looked like you wouldn’t get that anywhere else.

“I intended not to come back – I was heading to Australia – but I thought I should give the country one more chance and I thought it should be on my own terms.

“I like football, winning and random travel and it’s a way of viewing the country on a personal level.

“I wanted to do it as a book and I worked out I needed about £60,000. My publisher put it out and a mate sent it to ITV who said all right.”

The Gloryhunter – who expects to publish I Am The Gloryhunter next summer – was born and Spencer spent about two weeks in Grimsby before fate brought him to this area.

The 34-year-old has thrown himself into the project, he is currently living in a hotel in Brentford – and will live in hotels around the country all season – and has been getting to know the people and sights of this corner of south-west London.

Since he has been here he has visited Kew Gardens, Kew Bridge Steam Museum and the reptile house at Syon Gardens and was most upset to discover the latter was closing.

He has also been out meeting Brentford fans including Luke Kirton, the Bees supporter who was elected to Hounslow Council in 2002 on a platform of securing the club’s long-term future in the area.

“I was amazed at the history of Brentford,” he said. “The fact it pre-dates London apparently.

“The four pubs on the corner [of Brentford’s Griffin Park home] is a lovely story.

“I’m no football expert, I like the fellowship of football fans and Luke Kirton’s story is as extreme as it can get – he changed his entire life for the club.”

But Spencer admits it is not all fun. He is currently homeless having rented out his flat for the year and is surviving only on expenses from ITV with his small wage being spent on storing his things.

And he admitted living in hotels and having a social life focused around football is difficult, but he is looking forward to the next eight months.

“I’m completely resigned to the idea this is fate-driven,” he said. “I’m perfectly happy with whatever that deals me.”

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