Wizard man Conrad Pugsley has been reunited with his cat Zagan after he was found in an RSPCA hospital.

Zagan, who had been missing for over a week, was knocked over by a car in Wallington and has broken his pelvis in three places.

Miraculously, the injuries which would usually keep Zagan in hospital for up to six weeks, have healed sufficiently so Conrad, who is well known in Sutton and Croydon, has been able to take him home after just over a week in the care of the vets.

“His powers must have helped the injuries heal faster,” said an ecstatic Conrad.

“I was told by somebody that he had been taken to Putney Animal Hospital last Sunday so I went down there straight away.

“I could tell as soon as our eyes met that it was him. His piercing yellow eyes brightened up straight away, it was a wonderful moment, I’m so happy he is safe.”

Conrad, who feared the worst for his wizard’s familiar after he went missing twice in a week, is delighted that Zagan will be back on his shoulders in no time.

He said: “He must have walked a long way, he was knocked over three miles away from where I live.

“I don’t have any hard feelings towards the driver, it is a miracle that Zagan is all right after something like that.

“I will be taking good care of him for the next six weeks as he needs to rest.”

He continued: “I want to thank everyone who has been looking out for Zagan.

“People have been coming up to me every day and asking me if I have found him, and now I can tell them the good news.

“There have been a few people who had been saying negative things. One man said he saw Zagan in the jaws of a fox, but he will have that negativity reflected back on him threefold, when he least expects it.”