The wonderful wizard man of Sutton and Croydon is inconsolable after losing his cherished cat Zagan.

The black 22-month-old cat who normally adorns the shoulders of the borough’s most famous pagan went missing last Friday.

Earlier in the week Zagan disappeared, prompting his mystical owner Conrad Pugsley to put up signs up around Wallington and Carshalton pleading for his return.

On Thursday, Zagan showed up back at the wizard’s house, only to disappear again hours later.

Conrad, who has had Zagan since he was a kitten, is offering a reward to anyone who brings his precious cat home.

Zagan, who placidly sits on Conrad’s shoulders while he potters around town, was last seen in the early hours of Friday morning.

Conrad said: “The last time I saw him was between Waversley Avenue and Aultone Way off Angel Hill. He managed to slip his main collar and went up a staircase by the side of a house. I couldn’t chase after him because of my bad back.

“I am nothing but nice to people, I cannot understand why I’m going through such a period of negativity.”

It comes as another blow to Conrad following his arrest last year for carrying an offensive weapon.

But Conrad was vindicated at Croydon Crown Court in April when the judge ruled he was allowed to carry a knife as it was part of his religious regalia.

Conrad, who has a group dedicated to him on the Facebook social networking site which has nearly 2,500 members, fears for Zagan’s safe return.

He said: “Because I bring up all my pets with love and affection, they show that love to other people. I fear that someone will take advantage of Zagan’s good nature and be reluctant to give him up.”

Conrad, who lives on Durand Close in Carshalton, describes Zagan as having golden yellow and penetrating eyes.

Zagan was last seen wearing two collars - one red and one blue.

Conrad said: “Zagan is being sorely missed by everyone, including Gandalf my dog. His safe return is sincerely and hopefully anticipated.”

  • Have you seen Conrad’s missing cat? Phone the news desk on 020 8330 9554 or email