Voters in some parts of south east London and West Norwood have reported not receiving their postal votes ahead of the General Election tomorrow (July 4).

According to the BBC, voters residing in the seats of Dulwich and West Norwood and the recently created seat of Lewisham West and East Dulwich reported not receiving their ballots ahead of the upcoming General Election tomorrow.

Previously, the BBC has reported issues with voters living in the SE22 postcode not receiving post for “several weeks”, which resulted in some missing hospital appointments or receiving increased fines.

In a statement, Southwark Council confirmed it had processed 50,518 postal votes for the general election tomorrow so far.

However, the council added that it was aware that there had been some delays with ballot papers not being delivered to those living in the SE22 area along with other areas and had raised the issue with Royal Mail.

A Southwark Council spokesperson said: "In total, we have processed 50,518 postal vote ballot papers for the general election.

"All were despatched within sufficient time for delivery by the Royal Mail.

"We understand there have been some delays in the delivery of some ballot papers in the SE22 and other areas, and we have raised this at a senior level with the Royal Mail.

"They have stated they are confident they will be able to deliver all outstanding ballot papers in time for recipients to vote in the general election.

"We will continue to monitor the situation closely."

A spokesperson for Royal Mail told BBC News: “We have a specialist elections team that plans every aspect of the elections delivery programmes and works closely with local authorities to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

"We have investigated concerns and can confirm all votes that enter our network are being delivered.”

What to do if you don’t receive your vote?

An Electoral Commission spokesperson told BBC news that voters who did not receive there postal votes in time for the election could request a replacement from there local authority.

They added that if voters were concerned that there ballots would not be sent back in time, voters could instead hand in their postal packs back to the polling station on polling day tomorrow.

We have approached Lewisham and Lambeth Councils for comment.