Just last month, Gravity MAX at Westfield Stratford City opened its doors, and I recently had the pleasure of exploring its facilities.

Gravity MAX is an immersive indoor theme park packed with activities and thrilling games like AR Bowling, AR Darts, Mini Golf, and a multi-level E-Karting track.

It also houses one of London’s largest arcades, offering the public ample opportunities to socialize and enjoy live sports screenings.

(Image: Poppy Huggett)

My friend and I visited the brand-new Gravity MAX at Westfield Stratford City to try out the popular attractions.

The location is fantastic – just a five-minute walk from Stratford station, a one-minute stroll from the shopping haven of Westfield, and conveniently next to lively pubs and restaurants.

The interior design of Gravity MAX is futuristic and vibrant, with a Japanese-inspired aesthetic. It felt like stepping onto a movie set – welcoming and exciting.

(Image: Poppy Huggett)

With 12 immersive activities to choose from, my friend and I decided to try AR Darts, the VR Immersive experience, and the highlight: E-Karting.

AR Darts was a blast, even though I was terrible and lost almost every game. We played for just under an hour, which I’d say is the perfect amount of time for the best experience.

(Image: Poppy Huggett)

Next, we eagerly tried E-Karting, the main attraction at Gravity MAX. It features two high, multi-level tracks where racers can usually choose between the steady, slower kart or the high-speed Nitro-Kart.

During our visit, only the slower karts were available. But since we hadn't experienced the Nitro-Kart before, it didn’t make much difference. I still felt like Michael Schumacher in all the gear.

While racing my friend was fun, it was a bit underwhelming, especially at nearly £15 for just 8 minutes.

Nevertheless, we made the most of our visit, ending our trip at the VR Arena.

There, I traded my reporter’s notebook for a robotic soldier’s gear, fighting off zombies and working with my friend to stop a virtual virus pandemic – and no, not Covid.

(Image: Poppy Huggett)

In conclusion, Gravity MAX is the perfect venue for group outings, corporate events, or simply socializing with friends and family.

With something for everyone—from private karaoke booths to digital dartboards—there's never a dull moment, ensuring you’re always on your feet and entertained.

And the best part is, it’s all under one enormous roof.